Monday, September 3, 2012

{by jada} Blueberry the bunny

On Saturday it was the first day of spring and a baby bunny hopped into our playhouse. I said to mum “Should I creep up and shut the door?” and Mum said yes.
So I crept up to the playhouse and softly closed the door.
Then Mum came out and held the door while I ran to ask Dad to get a cage.
The cage didn’t have a door so Dad put the hole where the door used to be facing the sky.
Then he pushed it against a tree so we could get in.
I named the baby rabbit Blueberry.
On the way home from church yesterday we went to the pet shop and had a look for another bunny for company but they didn’t have any left. So we went home.

by Jada.
ps. that afternoon a mama duck and her ELEVEN ducklings also visited us :)


  1. Beautiful Jada, this is the sweetest post ever. You are the sweetest, that clip, that smile, that dress are enough to "ohhh" and "ahhh" after then throw in a baby bunny called Blueberry and I'm gushing all over the place. Final straw was the ducklings, I can't lok at these creatures without both hands over my mouth in a "can't believe there is something this cute" way. Thanks for this post, I will be sharing with Lucy and I know she is going to want a baby bunny just like you.

  2. What a gorgeous visitor to your playhouse Jada, nice to have Mum and Dad near by to help too. I love the name you picked, and that Duck family... Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. That is a spooky coincidence - my daughter named her bunny blueberry at the weekend too! Hers is not a real one like your though. Enjoy!

  4. Cool bunny and cool name. U should try the pet rescue local to you for a mate for blueberry they had heaps over winter :-) Enjoy!

  5. What a cute bunny Jada and I love your dress... also, I'm with Anna - ducklings are one of the cutest things ever!

  6. What a cute story Jada! You're so lucky to have so much cuteness in one day. It must be spring <3

  7. Hi Jada, my name is Jed. You are so lucky! I have a baby rabbit too. His name is Chestnut. If you want another rabbit to be friends with Blueberry you could contact Merel from Shiloh rabbits, she has lots of baby rabbits and is very nice. SHe knows ALOT about rabbits! I chose my rabbit from Merel. I like to visit there. Goodbye from Jed.


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