Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who's Who - by Danny Arlo

i know i keep raving about my Lisa Leonard necklace that JR bought for me after Danny was born, but i do totally love it. it has all of our names on it (except mine, i'm "the pearl" haha)

Danny has learnt which tag belongs to which person:

noteworthy notes:
  • "Noo-nah" is what the boys call Jada. it means "older sister" in Korean.
  • Ty is known as 'Ty-Boy' to everyone. Jada has called him that since the day he was born and it has stuck!
  • and yep, it is a yet another bon jovi hair today. 
we're off to the mount today for a family wedding this weekend and am planning to compare bellehs with some cool mamas tomorrow. yay!
see you monday



  1. Dee he is such a cutie!!
    I love this age when they are discovering their voices.
    Are you heading to Mt Maunganui? Love it there. Have an awesome weekend:)

  2. gah! cute! Can't wait to see yooou! x

  3. So cute!!!! He is scrummy! (Jen Bradford)

  4. awwwwwwwl!

    my youngest sis always called me doy-ya and it stuck for ages, actually pretty much until I became a mum!

  5. So sweet! That's so random that they call her noo-nah! I grew up in Korea, and that's what my little (younger) brothers call me to this day!


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