Monday, November 14, 2011

make my week #44 - more All Blacks dolls

look who i finally finished off! 
i know, i know...

i will list them sometime this week.

and i know i missed 2 weeks of "Make my Week" (so hopefully i'm up to the right week??) and i know the last one i did was of an All Black doll (yawn?) but i promise i have been making stuff...i just want to wait a bit longer before showing you some of it! ooohh~~



  1. These are very fitting after the AB's win of the World Cup...and a trip down memory lane, that's for sure :)

  2. So awesome - I really wish I could somehow track down Murray Mexted and send him a pic of one of your dolls - he'd be pretty flattered I'd say! Love the embroidery of the fern and laces :) Jen x

  3. oh my word-- love the staches!!!!


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