Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Emergency Exit Plan...that i don't actually have yet!

naww, he's so sweet, he even bleeds

my poor bebe, gave himself a spectacularly deep gash above his eye this morning. it stopped bleeding and he stopped crying reasonably quickly and thankfully JR happened to be home (unplanned) to whip him into the Dr's to get it glued (yeoweech!) together again.

but it left me thinking - again - of my non-existent Emergency Exit Plan.

do you have one?

the thought of rounding up and appropriately dressing four kids, locking doors and grabbing essentials while applying pressure to a gaping, bleeding wound (or broken bone!) seems impossible to me!! and the ambulance scenario seems even worse - sending your injured child off while you round up the others? yikes!

please, please tell me your Emergency Exit Plan, or how you coped with multiple kiddos in an emergency.


  1. Get the kids dressed appropriately? Never! Keys and wallet and knitting are always in a bag ready to grab. I get one of the kids to throw some fruit in a bag just in case we take ages, then we are good to go. The more dishevelled the brood, the faster you are seen!

  2. I'd prob do the same as Rachael! I once rushed (unnecessarily) to the drs with Eleanor, and didn't even stop to put shoes on.. I tend to hit the panic button pretty quick though... If I was in your situation, I'd keep some clothing/blankets and some essentials in the car all the time, and maybe even do some practice runs with the kids, so the big ones get the idea and are able to help you out... Sounds stressful though, and scary...

  3. Rightio - so when Tsunami overdosed on Poppas medication we were at Nana and Poppas so they stayed with Philosopher whilst I went in ambulance with Tsunami. When Philosopher broke his arm and Mr B was in Sydney I brought him home, phoned Poppa who came to collect him and take him to A & E whilst I stayed at home with baby Tsunami. When Philosopher broke his leg I was in hospital having Tsunami - Mr B dealt with that.
    And how CUTE is that to bleed LOVE xxx I did a BIG awwwwwwww
    So I guess my emergency plan is Nana & Poppa who live 10 minutes up the road or my neighbour

  4. No plan. I seem to be one of those people who can get this kind of thing sorted in two minutes flat, usually while on the phone to the doctor/ambo.
    Race around stuffing nappy, book, prepackaged food, drink, change of clothes/pjs. And hospitals have spare pjs for the little ones - which saves on washing for us.
    Chuck on trackies a bra and t-shirt (or chuck bra into bag so I can put it on later and just remember to keep a child clung to me or my arms crossed!). A dressing gown is all that is needed for kids and I have low standards for my own presentation at these times.
    The one time I needed an ambo I did manage to throw on trackies and hoodie - but alas the bra did not get on. Mind you I couldn't breath at the time.

  5. our last a and e trip was at 2am.. lucky we had family staying over so we left a note on the kitchen bench and made a dash, scooped up a crying baby and hit the road pjs and all. prior to this was a broken collar bone, again 2am trip while on holiday... no plan here just go..go..go

  6. awww.. the poor little boy!

    We've had a couple of emergency situations and one was a few months ago while I was in NZ and hubby in OZ. There was lots of blood and screaming and my son yelling, shes going to die, but thank goodness for Nana coming to the rescue. Somehow managed to get all kids sorted and off to hospital quite quickly, all dressed appropriately.
    And it also ended with glue. Personally, I think I should buy some for our own supply at home.

    I think when it comes down to it - we just do it and cope waaaayyy better than we ever thought we would...even me who faints at blood.

  7. 5 kids, they all know if i say it's an emergency, get ready to go, they do. Youngest is 4, and she knows to grab a jacket and shoes.

  8. What? I have to have a plan. Arkk... Bubba is only 10mths old.. how long do I have to make a plan??? A plan, that is making me stress!

  9. No plan here but with five kids and numerous trips to emergency..some requiring surgery I have learnt that I just kick into high gear when the need arises...kind of like being on auto-pilot.

    btw I have a heart-shaped birthmark on my neck...true that :)


  10. after all our earthquakes here this year I now have a back pack in the boot with a blanket, towel, spare undies(for everyone), toilet paper, large bottle of water and muesli bars and lolly pops. Our jackets hang by the back door and I think that's all I'd bother with... I do have a funny story about fainting and the ambulance arriving myself..maybe I'll blog about it one day.


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