Monday, October 17, 2011

make my week #40 - maxi bow

ideas pop into my head at the weirdest of times and in the weirdest of places. this one was in the shower. i made it while watching (kinda) the rugby on Saturday night.

take a rectangle of contrasting fabrics and sew around all sides, leaving a gap (centre bottom)to turn through. snip corners, turn through and stuff. slip stitch gap together. sew a length of fabric together for the middle part, turn through. put it around the centre of your puffy rectangle and pull it as tight as you'd like. hand sew in place. then, sew a hair clip of your choice to the back of your bow. 

make a super high messy bun and wear your bow underneath it at the back.

when or where do you get most of your creative ideas??



  1. gorgeous! I think I need to grow my hair out...
    yes, I was still awake at 2am last night, thinking about bunting, and favours, and macaroons for my afternoon tea party....

  2. i find the shower to be quite inspirational too, or at night lying in bed, or when I am playing with bits of fabric - of course reading blogs and looking at books is also helpful. I'm doing my make my week on thrus this week because I have a couple of 'must do' posts first

  3. this is so cute. Most of my ideas come in the shower, actually. It's my thinking place! Also I love Jada's top ~ very pretty! x

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  5. so cute!! weird as it may sound my best ideas come when I am working out...which is a bummer because then I stop to jot in my notebook and then have to start over to gain the momentum I have lost!! :)


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