Thursday, October 20, 2011

{#5} 22 weeks

guess who had a little growth spurt?

(i'm hoping to document this weekly. just promise you'll remember your manners around 40 weeks, i don't want any jaws dragging on the floor mkay? ;))


  1. Weekly updates would be awesome...I could never tire of seeing a hapu mama's gorgeous puku ;)


  2. So Cute!
    How do you put that awesome font onto of the Picture? Do you use photoshop/lightroom?

  3. Very cool. My little man is only 9 weeks old but already that is making me clucky

  4. beautiful bump :-)
    I'm sooooooo clucky (offering to change my friends babies nappy...CRAZY!)
    But being almost 35 and single...chances of me sporting one of these bumps is dwindling...

  5. Love it!
    Half-behind-a-wall is also a really neat way to document just the belly itself. I might need to steal this idea as the 'pregnancy mask' darkens on my face and I like photos less and less!


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