Friday, September 23, 2011

what would YOU ask a builder?

i had Jada and Ty "interview" one of the builders today as part of their real-life-learning (or, if you prefer, "schoolwork").
they had to think of 4 questions each and record the answers.

guess who asked this question:
is real building better than building with Lego?

the answer?

(other questions included, What tool do you use the most? What is your favourite tool? Is it hard to build a house? Do you like being a builder? How long have you been a builder?)


if you have nothing better to do on a Friday night have a listen to my gaw-juss kiwi accent and join us in a walk through of our new layout:



  1. exxxciting!!! I have the joy of having a builder or a stepdad ~~ growing up I remember having walls in our house like this for month long stretches at a time, hah! x

  2. I love Jada dancing along with your commentary, especially the claps. I love her outfit too. Can't wait to see it finished. Cx

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  4. very exciting.
    Love these builders interview questions... hehe
    I love the outfit too :) sweet.

  5. Love the builder questions, especially the lego one!

  6. The lego question was classic!
    I never noticed how strong our kiwi accent was until moving to Australia...have to say I love it :)


  7. How exciting!! Well I have to say I'm a bit to Kristen for this one: My lovely IS a builder (he is also a hoarder) When Imogen was 1 week old (approx mid- late Janurary) He decided to take all the sarking (the original lining for older style houses) off our bedroom walls, then insulate & Gib board....hmmm we still have naked walls in our bedroom, complete with gaps under the window sills to really feel that indoor/ outdoor flow. We also have nice patches of shiny silver builders paper up so it's knida like a space themed disco bedroom....sigh


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