Wednesday, June 1, 2011

party week: give (it) away

so you want a pair yet?? ;)
well, if you're not quite ready for mustard tights, maybe i can tempt you with this beauty:

yes, she is my giveaway today! but, there is a catch...
this is a give-it-away giveaway.
huh? in the comments below (or email me privately) nominate someone else who you would love to have this doll, or someone who you think is particularly deserving or someone it reminds you of...etc.

our family will choose from the nominations this saturday (4th June) and send the doll directly to the winner as a surprise!
sound fun? i'm so excited.
(please no nominations after friday)

first party-week giveaway here (also drawn on saturday)



  1. i can think of one person and one person only who deserves it the most (out of my lovely peps) and im sure you can guess who that is......... little Eleanor and her mama :)
    such a lovel idea for a giveaway. x

  2. Aww Stace, you are too sweet my friend!! But that would be very greedy of me... I would like to nominate a lovely family friend, who is overdue to have her fourth babe... It actually does remind me of her, she already has three girls, and the littlest has white blond hair just like this doll!

    And also, you are seriously rocking those tights my friend!! I would rush out and buy some, but I'm not sure they would look quite the same on me... Maybe one day I will throw caution to the wind and get some!

  3. I would Love to win this give-it-away for my partners cousin and his wife who are due to welcome their first baby (a little girl) any day now. Last Saturday my partners cousin (younger brother of parents to be) was in a terrible motor bike accident and has remained in a coma ever since. The parents to be are not only dealing with the stress and pain themselves but also supporting their parents and keeping the extended family up to date on what's happening at the hospital. I would love for a small ray of sunshine to be sent their way as they deal with the supporting their brother and family at what should be such a wonderful expectant time.


  4. You are a complete MILF in that top pic (loving that chair too) Where can I get some mustard goodness please?

  5. LOVE your whole outfit! You rock the tights for sure!
    I would love for your gorgeous girl to go to another gorgeous bloggy friend of mine who is a bit down in the dumps at the moment and could do with some sunshiny love :)

  6. Ahhh - so many to choose from... but I think I would love to give this doll to my niece! She is two and this so reminds me of her (white-blonde hair - a wee little cutie), and she is doll-mad... I know the doll would be loved to pieces there!

  7. What a lovely twist on a give-away!
    I vote for Nicoles partners cousin - I don't know them, but sounds like they really, really need a bit of loveliness, and this doll sure is that. xx

  8. We have a new Mum and Dad in town who's just adopted a little girl. Their dreams have all come true in the past month and one beautiful little girl has a new amazing family. Gives me goosebumps every time I think of them.

    What a wonderful idea Dee. J.xx

  9. 1. I will have to start calling you "English Mustard" 'cause you look so darn hot. HOT.

    2. What a lovely giveaway idea...SO nice. x

    3. I would love to win for my sister, Erika, who doesn't buy anything new and budgets like a fiend to make their unpredictable income (her husband waits for contracts) stretch to cover all it needs to for her growing family. I doubt her daughter (now 3) has a single new doll, let alone one this beautiful.

  10. I don't know anyone as worthy as some of these - so I also cast my vote for someone else xxx

  11. This would be perfect for a very kind lady who has put her heart and soul into providing quilts for the earthquake affected children of Christchurch (The last I 70 quilts had been provided). Recently she has had personal sadness, but it has not stopped her from helping others.
    It would be great to send one of your beautiful dolls to her (and her 3 year old daughter)
    P.S. you look amazing in the tights.

  12. I would so wear those tights (the whole outfit!) if I were you. Not sure what is holding you back???

    So... I would love to win your lovely give-it-away for my sister in law who is having a wee girl in September and whose home is currently over run with Thomas the Train and all things hunting and logging!

  13. i love the mustard tights and LOVE your boots! where did you get them?
    i hope a very special little girl wins your giveaway!

  14. just bought mustard tights this week but felt clueless about what to do with them..i think i'll start with this!

    I've linked to you here:

  15. I would LOVE to know where you got this entire outfit! dress and tights... LOVE!

  16. loved ur boots....where did you get them??

  17. Was actually looking to buy mustard tights, please do share where from?

  18. I was inspired by your outfit! (Saw it on Pinterest.)

    Here's my take:

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