Monday, May 30, 2011

Make my Week #21 - Workshop Doll

i made a doll for ME last week! *gasp* i know~~

pretty relieved it wasn't an order because this guy pretty much coughed, drooled, cried and snotted all over it while i made it. it'd be like, "here have a bonus virus with your custom doll!"

i LOVE this fabric - good old-fashioned quality cotton (originally an apron) in the happiest colours!
don't you think?

the doll was actually a test run for this, yikes!:

(Jada copied my flyer. cute!)

i'll leave you with a maxi-happy image:



  1. very cute fabric, and I love her skin tone!! Have I mentioned how clever you are before? Very very clever! :-)

  2. The fabric is swoon worthy - and I think it's such a great idea you're doing your own workshop!!!! I wish I was closer to attend.

  3. ooh I do love that fabric, so bright and cheery :)
    Your dolls are adorable.

  4. That looks very cool. Oh little man that isn't good isn't any fun though. I would SO attend your workshop if I lived a little closer!


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