Monday, May 23, 2011

Make my Week #20 - shirt restyle

another restyle for the project this week~
if you're like me and love detailing on clothing but are too incompetent, lazy, time-pressed to do it yourself, here is my genius solution:

take one thrifted shirt with all the fancy detailing you are too incompetent, lazy, time-pressed to do yourself * cut out the fancy part in a semi-circle kind of a way * make up your most basic peasant top according to the first tutorial google provides * and, look! 

the coolest thing? if someone asks if you made it you can say
(then mumble "kind of..." while they oooh and ahhh)

( it bad to really want your daughter's socks??!!)


  1. woweee! clever idea dee! :)

  2. Omg that is awesome!!!!!!! Love the grey socks too! Jen

  3. very cute. i know what you mean about wanting your daughter's socks. I have to say, that there are times when I would like something my daughter has in a bigger size for me! Not sure if it weird either.

  4. haha! SO cute and very clever ;)

    Well done.

    Talia Christine

  5. LOVE this. SO doing it for myself!! xx (I want her socks too...) xx

  6. Brilliant! I love hearing of the imagination of others, I would never think to do that myself. Good idea! I want your daughters socks too..


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