Saturday, May 7, 2011

deja vu

because our kids are all exactly two years apart things happen at the same times throughout the year.
it's kinda fun.
but sometimes i feel like life is one big deja vu (and i often lose track of what happened to which kid!! ha)


  1. our 3 kids are all 2 years apart too- 3 birthdays all within 4 weeks of each other, it's a busy time isn't it!

  2. So sweet! We are in our big birthday month right now. Our kids are 2 years apart, less 4 days, and my husbands is 10 days before that. Then you add Mother's Day and we all get a celebration!

  3. My uterus is still healing and you go and make my ovaries explode at the adorableness. Thanks a lot.

  4. this is gorgeous! what a special bond...

    kel x


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