Friday, April 29, 2011

the decision

[deep breath]

having given you followers a (welcome?) respite this week, i have taken some time to reassess this blog-thingie.

i appreciated all your comments and suggestions.

one friend gently reminded me that the good (the friendships & opportunities) made through blogging greatly outweigh the bad. and that it is my space and my responsibility to take control of and not be bullied into hiding.

she was right. and so, (for now) i have decided to keep this blog open. i want to keep writing the kind of blog i enjoy reading - not one that is cryptic or just about stuff i make (yawwwwn.

however, i will most likely go back through my posts and delete some, or at least, the photos off some.

i have never gone hunting for followers or held giveaways with conditions to gain followers in the hope that anyone who chooses to follow me does so from a genuine interest. and if for any reason in the future you become disinterested, please don't hesitate to un-follow me. i won't mind, promise!

(having said that i may be planning a giveaway at 100 followers.. ;) )

i'm excited to keep sharing this journey with you amazing people.

thanks! xo

(some "weaving" we've been attempting on a small thrifted wooden loom)


  1. So happy to hear this Dee! I love your blog, it is one that I feel 'your' energy in, I totally get a sense of your crazy bubbly-ness and love looking in on your happy whanau (not in a creepy looking in way though! lol) I just read your last post and was so happy to hear from someone else that they, also, don't remember their babes when they were 'little babes'. I find myself trying to breath Imogen in hoping to remember her smell forever! Your so right ...short years, long days...sometimes very long days hehe. Bless xoxo

  2. Yay, love your blog. I had a loom just like that one, would love to find one, lucky you. Enjoy.

  3. So glad! xxx

    ~~ I have made my flickr stream private/friends only after your ordeal too... a bit too close to home and has got me thinking about my boys privacy too. xo

  4. Glad to hear you are sticking around too Dee. I'm sure you will do what is right for you and your family.
    Love the loom, must try and track one down the oppies have not offered one to me yet! ;)

  5. Have been wondering what you would decide to do and am very glad to hear that you are continuing. I love how your blog says so much with so few words. I wish I had that skill.

  6. whoop!!!
    and "phew"
    *wipes brow*

  7. So pleased you didn't let the baddies win! I, too, love your blog - you are an inspiring lady and mamma and from what I can see I love the way you do life :)
    Take heart and thanks for keeping at it! X

  8. Hooray - that's great news Dee. If the nasty folks out there scared us all off, imagine the lovely friends and inspiration we'd all miss out on.

    That loom is fantastic! My dad made me one like that when I was a nipper :)

  9. As my son would say "Yippee-o-ki-yee!".
    I love and follow your blog, though I don't know how to actually become a "follower".
    I am always inspired by what you are making (no yawns here). I have been meaning to send you an email to show you what you've inspired me to make....maybe that minute will come sooner than later.
    Thanks for sharing and for not letting the creeps win.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  10. glad you're staying :) I am with you on the follower thing too, I've never done a giveaway with those conditions etc...I only want people to follow if they genuinely want to! Take care Dee xo

  11. YAY - so glad you're staying, I would have missed you! But you have encouraged me to rethink my security as well... so changes happening over my way soon!

  12. OH that must be a weight lifted :)
    I am glad you have decided to stick around.
    Love the loom!

  13. Yay - soooo glad you are staying. I do enjoy reading your journey - you inspire me. x

  14. Hey Dee, just read this post (and previous ones) now. I had a similar scare early this year which made me feel sick to my stomach. Was actually to do with the google search words that had been showing up on my blogger stats page. I had to go back through my posts and delete certain words that I had written & I got my hubby to attach an anti-google search function into the html of my site. My site cannot be found through google searches anymore, only through blogs and people with the link etc.
    So awful.

    That said, I am very glad you are embracing the blog. I made the same decision as you: to be aware & careful, but not to be bullied away from it. xx

  15. Oh! Your loom!! :-} :-> :-)))))))) (How can I make a better smiley face?)


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