Monday, March 28, 2011

make my week #12 - super hero dolls!

as well as the Library Lovers i also made these (very primary-coloured!) superly heroic boy-dolls this last week.

it's no secret i really struggle with primary colours so after the initial creative burst of "ooh, something new!", i really had to force these dolls onto completion.

hopefully they find loving homes...but if they don't it's kinda handy that there are 3 dolls - because that's also exactly how many boys i have.

aside: this post is so late because the lil black chick (featured in foreground here) met its untimely end at the hands (paws?) of our much-too-feral flea bag cat which meant me n JR had to scramble with some major damage control to avoid mass hysteria. damage control has ended up being EIGHT new 10-day-old baby chicks...(and probably one less feline!)

RIP 'Blackie'

(if that's possible when you're in the belly of another animal. oh dear~~)

please, somebody, change the subject! tell me what you made:


  1. great to see some boy dolls, and the super hereos are super cute....even the primary colours:)

  2. oh no! Poor little chicky! dratted cats huh.

    Love the supermen, they're gorgeous! xx

  3. Oh dear :-/

    Poor blackie. I guess that's life but doesn't it seem just a little too wild n harsh sometimes?

    Lovin your super heroes. They'd be a hit in this house :-)

  4. They are great, Dee. Go the boys! Cx

  5. Here's what I made this week the super heroes are awesome. I get the primary colour thing. I tend to move between loathe and love a bit with the super brights. Well done.
    RIP Blackie

  6. Flip those would go down a treat here - both with the boy and the dog!!
    Love them (Primary colours and all!)


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