Friday, February 11, 2011

MADE my week #5

so many precious, beautiful moments.
(and yet...still so many surrendered to busy-ness and the To-Do)

But this: Ty bringing a hen over to Danny and telling him all about it.

made my week #5make my week #5

And this: a full-circle fluffy ring

make my week #5

And especially this: a new trick which left those of us inside with tears streaming down our faces.
(farewell Clean Windows~)

mademy week #5

And always, always this: a world with so much beauty that at times i cannot breathe. (and that our circumstances mean me and my children are able to live, enjoy, visit this beauty)

made my week #5
made my week #5
made my week #5

These moments were stolen, redeemed, appreciated, inhaled and lived this week.

Busy-ness and the To-Do didn't get them all.


  1. Such cute pics and precious moments captured!!

  2. LOVE the blowfish against the window!
    Yes very precious moments captured there, those photos of NZ countryside are painfully beautiful and nearly brought tears to my eyes... missing my NZ country life upbringing! X

  3. I love the little pudgy hands and feet exploring the water - so cute and precious! Also, love your photo of the flax flowers - I love their silhouettes. We have lots of flaxes that we have just planted round our place & it is so nice walking round looking at all their different flowers.


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