Thursday, February 17, 2011

go on, ask!

i've been meaning to do a FAQ page

but i don't actually have any FAQs!

is there anything
you've ever wondered?
you're curious about?
would love to know?

go ahead, ask!

(and while you're at it, feel free to die with me over the (very cheap!)NZ kowhai Crown Lynn coffee cups that found me today!!)


  1. so how do you take that coffee?

  2. Where did you find that lovely collection of cups? I think you better take me along next op shop hop (assuming that is where they came from)- you seem to have all the luck! They are lovely. Cx

  3. Totes cool mugs! And I love those pics of your Prairie bunch, loverly!

  4. What church do you guys go to? What got Jada so into Little House on the Prairie? Where on earth do you find the time to make, make, make? Have you always been so creative? How did you and JR meet?

    HA HA I bet you're wishing you never posted that open invitation now!

  5. these cups are so part of my childhood!!!!!!! wow!

  6. My question is... would you be willing to sell those cups!? Just kidding... but they sure are gorgeous!


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