Wednesday, January 19, 2011


it's another Birth Day celebration for us tomorrow, so today has been busy.
i was thinking how badly the kids fare when they are getting only about 10% of my attention for a day.
how much they mirror me - the comments get more and more sharp, the 'tsks's get louder, the sighs more frequent, the irritation more palpable...until it's a shameful symphony of dischord (and let's be honest, who'd want to hear that?)
so i made a deal with myself. if it's a day (and there will be those days) where the kids will only be getting 10% of my attention, i'm going to give them the 90-100%....not the 0-10%.
deal? deal.


  1. So so true! Yep I'm gonna make a conscious effort on being that 90-100% too.

  2. yes. I need to make that effort myself too. nobody likes yelly-mama. everyone likes happy-mama. now to imprint that on the inside of my eyelids.

  3. I hear you. Is that the lego cake? Amazing. Wish we were there for the party- esp. D! Cx


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