Friday, January 28, 2011

parenting tips from Kenny Rogers

i had myself a little hum-along to some Kenny Rogers yesterday while baking ginger bikkies and oaty caramel slice.
yes i did.
and it dawned on me, The Gambler, is really a song just for mums negotiating tricky parenting moments!

You got to know when to hold 'em
this refers to the non-negotiables, win-at-all-costs, "i WILL outlast you", mountains you MUST-die-on battles.
know what they are and have a game plan before they occur. they'll thank you when they're husbands/wives/mums/dads.

know when to fold 'em
these are the fights you want to hold onto and fight til the bitter end but, really, they're not that important (and you know it...but are proud and stubborn)
say your bit (once!!!!!) then walk away. leave it alone mum! anymore is nagging/harping/wah-wah-wah/background noise.

Know when to walk away
for the moments when your patience is thin and you know that nothing teachable or compassionate is going to come out of your mouth. walk now, talk later.

and know when to run
this is the next level up from walking away - for the TNT moments. when the frustration turns to anger (oh what? am i getting a blank stare? oooo...k,...just me then huh!). the, i've-already-TOLD-you-a-million-times-in-the-last-hour...etc etc - you better run baby run baby RUN for your life. the damage done is not worth your raging vent.

You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table
this refers to the smug, i've-got-it-in-the-bag, my-kid-would-NEVER-behave-like-that feeling.
(i used to feel this away about "TNT" moments when i only had one child under one. i thought i would NEVER get mad at my kids, or raise my voice at them, or do anything except smile and enjoy them..../sigh)

There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done
when your kids are well-adjusted, happy, contributing, moral adults/parents you could maybe afford to sneakily count your money blessings, but even then...

you'll never hear this song the same again :)


(ps. not sure what happened to my 'moments' in the last post, but the photos were nice i guess. blogger eats words it seems?!)


  1. wow great insight Dee.
    very timely.
    I totally should have walked away *ahem* ran this morning while unsuccessfully negotiating a fight between 2 kids and 1 toaster....sigh

    and so there with ya on the oh so smug parenting days of that first born ;)

  2. haha - amazing what you can get out of a Kenny Rogers song!

  3. yes, Widge...who knew that those delicious giggling babes with dimpled thighs and soft-as-rose-petals skin would learn to talk (back) and run (away) and have their own (always right) opinions and sense of (in)justice!!

  4. This post is SOOOOOO awesome. AND I totally get how one could get smug - I have an easy ride right now, and whenever someone says, "How can you be so positive?" I often reply..."Well, I do only have ONE!" SUCH valuable comments!

  5. love it
    great connections going on here

  6. oh my goodness! hilarious- and oh so true!

    i love kenny rogers, btw.


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