Monday, January 10, 2011

Make my Week #1 - Quick T Restyle

welcome to the first Make my Week for 2011!!

i have decided to share my weekly creation on Mondays this year, for 2 reasons:
1) i have something else planned for the end of each week... :)
2) and maybe you might more inspired to make something during your week if i share at the beginning.

anyway, back to what i made during the first week of twenty11 - remembering i was in a tent at a campsite for the entire first week, sans paints or sewing machine.

never one to let a little lack of resources hold me back - i discovered a rejected boys' Nixon tee that lain outside our tent for the first 4 days of our holiday, and with only a pair of scissors at my aide, i washed the orphaned tee and made it into a new funky tee for me!

ps. if anyone wants to join in making something every week this year, please link up in the comments below!


  1. You look hot! Would love to join you making something each week, but might try for once a fortnight or once a month and hope to under commit and over deliver! Picking up my machine to bring back to the beach- the sewing mojo is back! Cx

  2. I'll join you!!! It's great way to get focused! And finish some of these projects floating around.

    ps. I'm with're a babe!
    Apparently you're a mother of 4....wouldn't know it!

  3. I'm with da setiuz MAMA on this are definately a babe. I'd go one step further than that even, and say you have crept into the 'babe-eh-rooney' category.
    Also with CHD on this do look hot. Would dare to go one step further on this one too if I may, and say that 'sizzling' comes to mind.
    Also can confirm she is a mama of 4.
    Also, proud as punch of our little Jada too. What a legend...she gets it from her mumma.

    Fiercely yours...JR

  4. Hey Dee - you were my inspiration to try this 'Make my Week' thing so I'll definitely link up with you each week. I'll try to get mine sorted for a Monday too. I've done 2 so far but I'll have to sort myself out for the link. May I also agree with the others in saying I'd be pretty pleased if I was trutting that great bod down the beach. You go girl!


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