Friday, January 28, 2011

MADE my week #3

digging 'taties

new potatoes!

don't eat the icing

lawn mowin

zero food miles


  1. Oh wow your potato crop did much batter than mine (just 5 little tidly ones). And that corn looks super juicy! Isn't it great when kids love the garden and all the joy it brings!

  2. Love freshly dug up potatos!!! Your photos are beautiful too (as always).

  3. Oh these would have made my week too! Beautiful photos...lovely effect, what photo application do you use?

    The rooster eating the cake is very funny!

  4. The grubby-knees and potato photo is BRILLIANT!! Definitely one to frame :)
    So very jealous (but trying not to be...) of your vege garden! X

  5. Its always nice to see kids playing outdoors. Your photos are really surreal and very dreamy! Nicely done!

  6. I was lucky to get the overflow of spuds from my sister in law and I tell you they are divine boiled skin on no butter just salt and pepper mmmmmm!


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