Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jada draws:

i don't think i've shared any of Jada's art with you since Plunket decided Danny was cross-eyed and Jada visually recorded it.
so here's an update of the kind of pictures i find laying around...

she's obsessed with Little House on the Prairie so most drawings are like this:

Kids art
Featuring, from L-R, are: Carrie Ingalls, Laura Ingalls, Jada, Mary Ingalls.
You have no idea how much she wishes they were her sisters!

and another:
Kids art
also featuring Ma and Pa this time.
Note the teeth - the shape and gaps are very important when you're 6 years old!
you get the idea :)

but then....
i go and find a drawing like this:
Kids art
awww, a nice (albeit heavily!) pregnant woman.
she's smiling, and walking with a decent pace (no waddle here!) and even remembered to put her lippy on. awww~

but then...on the other side is
kids art
i haven't asked Jada but i'm convinced this poor woman is in labour: her gait has gone; her eyes are glazed and tired; her lippy and smile are long gone, the baby clothes are laid out and ready.
and that wretched clock on the wall, TICK!TICK!TICKING away the hours at a pace slower than my 6th form maths class.
and judging by the size of her, she's about to have octuplets, so it's gonna be a looonnng haul.
and i'll bet the last thing she wants to think about is "love" on the double bed behind her!!


ps. if you think Jada leaves these kinds of pictures "laying around" as subtle hints for her mother, you're wrong. these aren't subtle, and they're not hints - these are full blown pleading, begging, desperate requests for a sister. she NEEDS to have a sister of she can really be like the Ingalls girls!!!


  1. bahahahahahahaha!!
    These are brilliant!!!
    What a gorgeous talent and LOVE your commentary.
    I can't even share some of the indecent drawings I have found from one of my artists...hmmmmm
    Goose and I have a chuckle and quickly dispose of..(usually involves many cartoon characters with an exceptional amount of anatomy)grr

  2. HAHAHA!! I'm in fits!

    but seriously, she is very talented! xo

  3. Wow. That is some talent indeed. A chip off the old block!

    I can understand the little house on the prairie obsession - that was me too!!

    The detail in her drawings is awesome. Like the fact she even put a clock in at all.

    Awesome miss J!

  4. Gorgeous pictures. In the mean time J is welcome to borrow my Miss M who is boy logged as well- she would totally love long as frequent shoe changes are involved. Cx

  5. love these they are hilarious I love love love the pregnancy ones. You should keep these ones.

  6. That is hilarious! She is a very good little illustrator! I love Little House on the Prairie... when she is older you should introduce Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - I loved that one when I was growing up.

  7. Can't help but wonder if you are trying to tell us something also.... or am I just about to start a vicious rumour?! xxx

  8. Hubby and I have tears running down our faces with laughter from this post and her earlier drawings! Love them! Its wonderful how you daughter has a vivid imagination, a keen eye for detail and the talent to be able to express herself through art.

  9. Best most hilarious post EVER! I can't believe how awesome your kids are, she sounds so much like me and my sister when we were little... Excellent.


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