Thursday, January 20, 2011

birthday season #2

2006: our FIRST son. mmmm~~

2011: our first son's **FIFTH** birthday!?!
(i'll give you 100 points if you can guess the theme!)

we had 6 little girls and 6 little boys over to celebrate the occasion. parties are very few and far between around here so this was a nice chance to celebrate our wonderfully special 'Ty Boy'.

and now, he's taken a few guests out to the beach with his dad to go fishing for the afternoon. he's gonna be happy-shattered tonight :)

here's my fave pic of the day -

with his bestest best friend Jethro, pushing the mower we got him for his birthday. random present you think? oh trust me, Ty has been begging for one for at least 6 months!! i love that he's into hard work :)

(oh, and i'm giving myself a bonus 200 points for hosting a party with those 3 tonally-challenged, least-loved, primary colours! ack!....and just so you know, there are very strict rules in place for using the mower! )


  1. ummmmmm lego?!?! ;)
    LOVE the mower! what an awesome pressie!!
    Tomorrow is our first daughter's 6th birthday...where does that time go aye
    Good job dee everything looks great :)

  2. Haha - loving the lego party!! The cake looks great and the mower is such a cool idea!!

  3. happy birthday Mr 5!!
    wonderful pics & party looks great even with the few primary colours.

    my big one turns 5 in a couple of weeks..such a new adventure, 5 & going to prep.

    enjoy your cute boy ♥

  4. What a great theme for a party!! suits both boys and girls!
    And the mower, how cool is that!
    My youngest recently turned five and Im sure time has sped up because it seems like just yesterday she was a baby!

  5. Bless him....a little lego party ~ how cute. Happy Birthday! xx

  6. That mower rocks...we had one just like that to mow our tiny strip of flat grass in our last house. He'll have hours of fun. And loving the LEGO theme... what's not to love about LEGO!

  7. Magnifique! I love Ty-boy's style! I reckon you have just become THE coolest-present givers ever in the eye's of a very special little guy. xoxo J


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