Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a sense of the silly

i breaks my brain to comprehend this guy is ONE next month.
(yep, *snap* there it goes. did you hear it? just.can'

that means a first birthday party. (doesn't it? or am i off the hook with it being no.4 and all?)
sigh, because i have so much pity for any child who is born under the great looming shadow of Dec 25th i'm bound to do something. (i'm actually seriously considering stealing Stella's circus theme - pretty sweet isn't it?)

in other news... i have just sneaked over 200 likers on my Tiny Eyes facebook page so am putting together a real pretty thankyou/Christmassy giveaway. it's a whole bunch of stuff and i'm so excited. i *love* giveaways!! will show you soooooon!...

other than that there is a GA-zillllllion things on my To-Do list and i'd love about 2-3 solid days of solitary confinement in my own home! haha

am i the only one starting to get a strong sense of the Silly?? (season that is)
peace! xo


  1. So wonderful! it is amazing how fast time goes! My baby is almost two and I just think wow!


  2. Aw..I loved reading thiS..:) YoU are SO loveLy with your little babe :) :)

    Love love!! ~HuGs ~~

  3. Awww cute bubba!! Hope you do steal the circus theme - I'm dying to see how someone else would do it... And happy last month before that birthday! xx

  4. it's bewildering isn't it? I can't believe that in January Archer is going to be 1, which means that 3 weeks later, Fin is going to be 3. 3?! where did the last 3 years go? next thing I'll blink and he will be bringing a girl home and telling me he's getting married. scary thoughts.


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