Thursday, November 18, 2010


that awful nasty Aunt Flo has rudely barged her way through my front door, interrupting a most delightful 20 month reprieve.

and not only that but bringing her doubly unwelcome brother, (in my head he's a bitter bachelor who wears musty woollens and has very bad dental hygiene), Mr. Migraine.

except he visits twice a month (usually at 4am!!) - once with his spinster sister, Flo and then again in between just to check on me.
leaves me feeling smashed when i wake up...and seriously considering the only cure i know: pregnancy.


  1. Arrghh! Same! I had forgotten what it was like. And it happens EVERY month. So not fair. Someone pass the chocolate...

  2. i also get really bad headaches/migraines when aunt flo visits must be a hormone thing or something??

  3. haha - totally agree! Miss having those 20 month breaks from Aunt Flo. Grrrrrrr!

  4. You sound exactly how I felt last month when she knocked on my door for the first time in 18 months. hasn't shown her face again yet though, I'm dreading the day she turns up this month. oh the fun of the irregularity of my life.

    and for the record, before you ask the answer is no ;o)

  5. I'm yet to have a pregnancy reprive (ever) so make do with my mooncup, wheatbag and copious amounts of tea!
    But, what I really wanted to say was: is that your garden???? At risk of sounding like a 14 year old girl OMG it's like, totally amazing!! Mega jealous...

  6. I'm right there with you. I've had mine back a few months now but I just don't seem to have settled back into the routine of it yet. Every month with the 3 days of migraines, the insane-want-to-kill-every-one-and-then-cry-buckets moodswings, the icky-ness of it all.. really is the perfect incentive for another bubba.
    Unfortunately I've only got one more and then I'm all done with the reproducing, and then I'll just have to stock up on neurofen, whittakers and tissues and sit it out until menopause.. what a horrible thought!

  7. I've finally created an email account for the blog, so feel free to drop me an email (suburbanhomemade(at) Happy to answer any qs!
    PS Your garden is divine!


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