Tuesday, October 26, 2010

boys of mine

God knew i needed 3 sons.
it had to be 3 so I'd sit up and take notice. If it were just 2 sons they be lost in the frou-frou of my cute little accessories daughters.
and so, 3 it is.
having been brought up with sisters* i have precisely ZERO clue on what-on-earth-it-is that goes on in boys' heads.
what is acceptable behaviour? (and what is just "boys being boys"?).
what is normal behaviour? (how concerned should i be that even a pipe cleaner becomes a gun?)
what is necessary behaviour? (here, i refer to the physical-ness of boys)

and so, because i cannot tolerate ignorance, i have been reading a book called 'Bringing up Boys' by Dr James Dobson**. after reading the first half i felt a) FREAKED OUT!, b) overwhelmed and c) a little (a lot) terrified. but it provided some very necessary info on why and how boys are different from girls. and, oh boy, do i have a heads-up now! (you boys better think twice before playing this mama for a fool! muahahaha)
but then....the second half of the book. boy am i inspired. how precious these boys are - and such a constant bad rap they get from society and culture. how much they have to overcome and resist and prove and provide and be. i hope and pray that these 3 sons God has given me (in His infinite wisdom) will grow to be just 3 more men in the world who defy all society's expectations of them.
i'm on a mission to bring the postive back for our boys. (who's with me?)
watch this space!
* i do have a brother...but not your average adrenaline junky kinda bloke :)
**(available in nz from www.goodbooksnz.co.nz for $25, free shipping)


  1. I'm totally with you! Expecting a family full of girls I was shocked to end up with 3 boys...and then 1 girl. Boys totally get a bad rap,sideways looks and I get a few too many 'poor you, 3 boys!' comments. My 3 sons are such a precious gift and just what I didn't know I needed. I have to be intentional and force myself to choose to enjoy some the things that these 3 males bring to our family and wouldn't have it any other way. Your 3 are adorable! Cx

  2. My Mum gave me the 'Bringing Up Girls' by Dr. Dobson and I can't wait to get stuck in and read it, I've heard great things about both books. I hope I will have the privilege of bringing up boy/s too, one day :o)

  3. well I reckon boys rock - love em love me love em....went to the beach yesterday and Jose is the only lad up the pohutakawa tree being tarzan...some of the other mums were terrified for him...but he can climb so why shouldn't he...embrace them I reckon, catch them when the fall (physically if poss!) or suply the bandaids...your boys are treasures miss Dee, and am glad to join in your mission. We want strong beautiful caring dads for our future, it starts now. xx

  4. You are great. Praying for you as you raise boys to be God fearing men who have a powerful impact on the nations around them. xx


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