Wednesday, September 8, 2010

baby hog

somebody is workin hard on those top teeth and is demanding a few extra cuddles before going to sleep tonight. i don't mind. anyone who knows me will know i totally hog my babies. i can never have too many neck-snuggles or kisses with them. i try to share.....but you can be sure i've always got an excuse at the ready to get them back!! ha!
(it's also why i never wear lipstick...lipstick = no kissin the babes!)


  1. what an adorable wee guy. Yumm
    arrggh my mum always found it hilarious to leave her lipstick kisses on my babies. so ew.

  2. Sooo sweet! Here's wishing you easy teething little guy xx

  3. Haha I'm so glad you said that, I'm a total hog too, and I sometimes feel bad about it... I just tell peeps to go and have their own one if they want unlimited cuddles! I mean, that's why I had a baby innit?!!

  4. This is one of my favourite things about you. Like how I said that as though we have thrown back many a soy vanilla chai in our day? /sigh You're lovely.

  5. Yeah I'm a baby hog too. You've got to be I reckon... They grow to fast and you've got to savour each and every cuddle!


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