Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three-Way Giveaway

who's ready for summer?
i sure am. i get to this stage of the year and my vitamin *DEE *stores are on 'e' for 'elvis'. to help the light shine brighter at the end of this wintery, rainy tunnel i'm giving this beach bag away:

join the Three-Way Giveaway here to be in the chance to win this along with a couple of other goodies.
i'm stunned to think there are 150 people who've liked the Tiny Eyes facebook page. this is one new year's resolution that has definitely surprised me with the outcome!

we're still bunked down bravely trying to stave off winter bugs.
oh, and will save Make my Week til next week because the things i've done this week have been gifts (which haven't been received yet) :)

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