Tuesday, August 3, 2010

pukeko postcard winner

just stopping in quickly to let Jacqui know she won the pukeko postcard my mum made!
My mum will be stoked to know it's going to Canada, how cool! :)
thank you all so much for your kind words, i'm going to print out all the lovely comments and send them to her (she's just a wee bit excited about this whole little episode you know :) )
anyway, as a result of the giveaway...a couple of announcements:
bad news: my parents live very rural so internet connection is sketchy at best so my mum doesn't even have email, let alone an online shop :)
good news: she has hinted at maybe letting me stock some of her cards in my shop. cool huh?!


  1. oh forgot to add:
    PO Box 1036, Fernie, V0B 1M0
    British Columbia, Canada


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