Monday, August 16, 2010

Brilliant Idea (rainy day edition)

another Brilliant Idea! (i've had a couple)
boys inside on a rainy day?

masking tape + vivid = your new best friends :)

the beauty of this instant floor mat is that you can leave it out all week and just vacuum over top of it...wheee~

and, as is tradition on rainy days, a lamb was born....and rejected :(
so, being the neighbourly people we are, we opened our hearts (and wood shelter) to another little (girl!) lamb.

our neighbour carried her over in the dark last night all hungry and new.
she is gorgeous* and with a whole lot of pep.

which now makes our animal inventory:
4000+ honey bees
9 hens
1 rooster
1 kitten
2 lambs
1 hogget**....
....who seems to have claimed the sand pit as his favourite place to sleep

*i was raised to know think that Romney sheep are the most "good-looking" sheep. the brainwashing worked. i still totally think they are the best looking, don't you?
**a hogget is not a pig, it is last year's lamb :)


  1. What an fab idea for indoor play-very creative!

  2. Aww! This is too amazing. I can't wait for sheep of my own one day. Husband said we could.


  3. you have my dream life, complete with chickens and lambs... I love that play house. I love the floor mat idea. I'm am sick with jealousy (in a good way).

  4. I grew with gutted that my kids arent having that experience too!
    and you're a genius.


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