Thursday, July 29, 2010

mama-mia (part 2)

there is an art competition that runs at a posh downtown gallery for the month of august.
anyone at all can enter and the only criteria is that your work is on a 10"x10" canvas.
i entered last year and am doing so again this year (more on that tomorrow)...but what i want to show you today is my mum's entry:

she has got some seriously mad skills (the reason it took me 30 years to start sewing in fact!)
i love both of her entries. but probably this next one a little more....hundreds of tiny little handstitches:

( remind you of anything?)
and the exciting news is that she has given me one of her fabric postcards to giveaway!! watch this space!
who else has mega-arty/crafty mamas?


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  2. They are gorgeous! Your mum is so talented :)


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