Monday, May 3, 2010

mama day treats

it's May!! (madness i know) but May means Mamas Day. and all mamas like treats...'s my mamas day treats giveaway:
TWO sampler packs of vintage sewing goodness

look familiar?

here's the deal:
  • this is a giveaway is to say a BIG thanks to my faithful readers so is only open for my followers (let me know if you're a subscriber because i have no idea how to see subscribers!!)
  • if you win, you get first choice of packs (packs include 30cm - 1m of fabrics, vintage pattern, trims, etc)
  • the second pack will be given to someone YOU have nominated who you know will "just absolutely love it"!
  • comment to enter (don't forget to nominate someone in your comment and link to their blog)
  • one entry per day


(told you i'd share :) )



  1. ooooo, yay! I have no idea if I'm a subscriber thingy, as I haven't a clue how to do that thingy to do it - but I check ya out everydday - does that count???
    AND....if I won I'd nominate Frith to recieve the other pack -coz she rocks,she doesn't have a blog (yet) but if you need one her sisters is cool and she wqould also LOVE a pack,
    loves xx

  2. Love love love. Count me in. You're the only one I know who blogs because I am so new to this, so would have to get back to you with a nomination.

  3. Oh wow, what a lovely prize!!! A perfect mothers day gift! And I love that you are encouraging us all to think of others! I would like to nominate Stace, over at because she is such a lovely generous mama, who is constantly doing sweet things for other people... Sound like someone who deserves a bit of love? I'd even let her choose first! xx

  4. What a great giveaway! Double the kindness and a little pay-it-forward! You rock!
    I would actually nominate Stella ( cause she is kind, and friendly and has an awesome blog!! :)

  5. OOOOO!!!! (Hand waving in the air)
    I am a loyal follower....and i'm a subscriber to your beautiful blog (hehe what a greaser huh!)
    And if I won....I would nominate Karen coz she LOVES vintage stuff and little parcels in the mail....(you know her blog aye)

  6. ohhhhhhh I meant to come back yesterday but completely forgot - spent most of the night reorganising the spare room.

    Such a cute lil pack you've put together.

    ok I would nominate Melanie from who has just started sewing and is in love with all things vintage/retro!

  7. Hi Dee! I would love to nominate my gorgeous friend Chloe, I know this would brighten her world - she isn't a blogger but is a damn fine Mama and friend <3
    Jennie xxxx

  8. I am a subscriber too, and love seeing what you are making, and if I won I would share with any of the other people listed above me

  9. Definately a follower.... Promise not to be a stalker..... Love the packs! I nominate Laura S (are you still blogging Mrs S??) xxxxxx

  10. Oooh, I forgot to re-enter! I nominate my lovely big sis Ku, who is the mother of two lovelies, and another lovely on the way!


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