Saturday, April 10, 2010

MAKE my Week #14

bird houses!

these only take, oh, ONE MILLION hours to make!! :)

happy saturday!


(and this bunting from BobbyRobin's week 14 makes me want another baby girl...)


  1. they may take a million hours to make but they look totally worth the time to me! beautiful

    Pop over to my blog sometime - I have a little something for you :)

  2. YOu are craftfully gifted!!!
    Those are so cute & lovely!

    ..I so love that you lived in Korea! And you totally know what I'm talking about & what not! Hehe. Where was it you and your husband lived? Busan?
    Yes, Korea is not a quick-love, but it really does grow on ya...! OHhhh Korea!! Tonight we went to a nore bong..Did you love those or what? LoL.

    ~LoVe n' Hugs!


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