Friday, February 26, 2010


you may remember my new year's resolution to make FRIENDS with my hair?
who'd have known my resolve would be tested so publicly and so soon.

i learned last night that the bridesmaids for saturday's wedding are responsible for doing their own hair. HUHHHH??? my hair is only one up from the bottom of my friends list (my awfulcruelmean teeth are currently waaaay dead last!). i'm waiting (and waiting) for Big Fuzz hair to be in again. oh yeah, then i'll fierce like Tyra!

i love long hair. mine just never happens to look like the pictures i like of long hair - at least not without a fair bit of wrangling and subduing.

yup, gonna be interesting. here's to new friendships~

(unfortunately none of these gorgeous heads of hair belong to me, i had to borrow them)


  1. Good luck.....I'm having a 'hair hate month'. x

  2. do you know - I happen to like your hair! so there!, I always think you look amazing and lionessy - a beautiful gal!...looking foward to seein bridesmaid pics! xx have a blast

  3. and miss are at the top of the list for re-inspiring me whenever i start thinking "chopping" thoughts :)

  4. I miss my long hair! Your hair looks great.

  5. Swung by from Kiwi Mummy Blogs...and like your words, like 'em a lot. Great post.


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