Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Speed (up)Date

I would venture to suggest that if you can have Speed Dating, you can surely be allowed to have Speed UP-dating??
Here's how it's done:

1. Happy New Year! 2009 was very good to our family. Topping the list of highlights was this wee fellow (dee-lish!!) Here's hoping 2010 has the same benevolent disposition.

2. Thanks to some fantastic Chinese herbs (made up of Who Knows What) - courtesy of my midwife's partner - I feel great even though I'm still missing about 1/3 of my blood (I miss my blood!)

3. My days of baby-mooning and swooning on the couch, while being waited on hand and foot, are already distant memories (I miss swooning on the couch!)

4. JR only has one more day on holiday....this has a number of ramifications, the most terrifying is that I will be flying SOLO with FOUR (count em!) kids.....

5. I intend to post my resolutions/goals for 2010 in the next few days

6. BIG BIG BIG shop update coming...I have designed a new doll that I totally *heart*...here's sneak peek:

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