Saturday, January 16, 2010

A spade is....a spade.

The message in my facebook inbox went like this:

Okay, so it's day three of the breast cancer awareness status games. Thanks to all of you that have been playing so far! Copy and paste this email and send it to all the ladies on your friends list. NO MEN! This time we are going to post your shoe size followed by the word "inches" and a sad face :( This will really have all of the men asking questions!

First things first, how is this possibly raising awareness for breast cancer? this is nothing more than a (yet another) shoddily disguised attack on the intellegence (and physical competency) of our men. maybe it's because i have 3 sons now, or because i have a daughter who will marry a man one day that i suddenly cannot tolerate the constant cultural promotion of men as stupid.
no wonder we have a plethora of 25+ year old men who spend their time on play station and their money on mag wheels. we (women as a whole) don't seem to expect any more from them. oh, but we are the first to whinge and moan about the play station and mag wheels!
thanks to the feminist movement, it has become completely acceptable to brainwash our boys and men that they are dumb/never get it right/are thick/stupid/hopeless/useless. they live completely up to expectation!
if men are not allowed to be anything but drop-kick, dead beat blokes then surely that's exactly what they'll be? whinge, moan, where have all the "good" men gone.... they've gone because we've convinced them (and ourselves) that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a good man! good+man just don't go together it seems!
can the feminist movement just move on please?? it's so 1970s. let's encourage our men to be great. to be leaders. to rise above what society expects of them. to be empathetic, considerate and self-controlled. to be noble and gracious.
for my own sanity, as a mother of 3 boys, i have to believe that they will become more than porn-addicted slobs. and, by the grace of God (and the fantastic example of their father - who, by the way, is a GREAT man), they will.

this cute little facebook gimmick as nothing at all to do with breast cancer and everything to do with making our men feel stupid and incompetent. you won't be seeing a "9+inches+sad face" in my status update because i respect my 4 boys way too much.
besides, surely it'd be more beneficial to raise money for breast cancer research than to raise awareness?



  1. as a mother of two brilliant little boys, I agree. Amen. (jen)

  2. yup...tis not cool! Boys are brilliant, compassionate, loyal, stick by ya, problem solving, sweet, sensitive, humourous, clever, and wonderful. And by the grace of God, THATS how they will stay...and hopefully marry an amazing uplifting women and grow me great and wonderful grandsons.


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