Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I made an executive decision (which, under current circumstances, is no small accomplishment!) to hiff regular afternoon routines out the window and carpe diem!
yes, my pretties, it was a hot sunny day and the beach is only a mere 25 mins from our pad. while we were there I recieved a text saying a friend was in labour...oh! how extra delicious the sun and beach seemed after hearing what I, myself, could have been very well doing at the same moment!!
I think I'll save my baby-having day til a rainy one (or just stick to my regular night time tradition) :)
on another note....some christmas goodness...

the kids made these super-dahling paper mache bowls a few weeks back. we painted them and now they're sitting on the coffee table all festive like (not quite sure what to put in them?!) in front of our super-SUPER-dahling christmas tree (i'm still swooning over the polaroids. seriously.)

commercial or not, i *do* heart christmas


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