Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cover Girl

Well, not officially a cover girl, but it's the closest I'll ever get to it so I'm claiming it, heh!

I'm more than a little grateful to be sitting here with a 23 week swollen belly, feeling lovely strong limbs wriggling about and look at that cushion on the cover. I made it when I was 11 weeks pregnant and just two days after we thought we had miscarried this baby. I'd had a very heavy bleed (in the middle of town with two kiddos in tow!) and had spent the next day in bed. I was aware that I had to get the cushion to the London office for photography purposes by a certain date and I wanted to be generous with shipping times so, bored with bed rest, and no ultrasound appointments available for a few days anyway, I welcomed the distraction and made the cushion, (including photographs of the process), in one day.

And apart from that little's the COVER of Mollie Makes!! I've had some serious crafting heroes be on that spot so I'm truly amazed that little old me gets to be there, too. 
Life is crazy...

It takes awhile for Mollie Makes to reach our shores but if you would like to make the cushion featured you can grab a head start by downloading the templates here (I'd recommend increasing the size to a nice cuddly size) 
Enjoy! xx

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More the change, more the same

I'm still churning out dolls - and now that there is a newborn-baby induced production deadline, I'm making more than ever! In fact, I've just worked out that I've made 22 dolls in just 2 months and have another 14 currently in production.
Demand is crazier than ever...which actually astounds me. I feel like such a usual and unspectacular person that it's an odd thing to have this one small piece of who I am be so popular!  
It's very alluring and the temptation is to let it define all of me. The truth is, almost every day I wished I was as good at being a mother (wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc) as I am at making dolls.
I'd love my epitaph to read, "She was a great mother!" but instead I'm afraid it will read, "She was really good at making dolls!"
...and dolls aren't eternal are they? So I constantly have to guard my usual and unspectacular heart from allowing the success of my dolls more importance than they actually have.

You'd have thought I'd have that little niggle sorted by now huh? But like they say, 'The more things change, the more they stay the same'. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

An anti-Autumnal Story

Every Autumn I have an overwhelming desire to own a cat.
Now I know most people like Autumn because the days are still warm but the nights are cooler, and I've considered buying into the notion but, nope....
To me, Autumn ultimately means Winter and that's not ok in my books.
And, unlike people, vermin aren't quite such big fans of the cooler nights and like to use my home to seek out warmth.
That, definitely, is not ok in my books!

Take today, for example, I knew there was a mouse in my kitchen even before I saw it.
I knew it because I could smell it.
And when you can smell a mouse before you see it, you know it's been dead for longer than you care to think about.
And when it's been dead for longer than you care to think about, in a trap you'd forgotten you'd even set (probably this time last year) in the back of your kitchen drawers it stops you cold from getting any romantic sentiment about the disappearance of sweat-free nights.

So, here's what's ok in my books - Spring and felines.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Oh hey!
Remember us?
It's been so long since I've blogged that I was worried I'd forgotten how to even find my way here. But it turns out it's much like riding a bike - it all comes back suprisingly well!

So here we are...up there...all SIX of us!
Ahhh, yep, after fretting whether I'd ever feel "done" with having kids - and feeling nothing but done after I had Sawyer! - we are back in the game with a precious bonus baby.
And I'm wondering if this little space might be just the right spot to process and share the journey towards becoming a mother of 6.

So, if you're still reading, hello! and, thanks for sticking 'round!

Friday, August 22, 2014

2014 Winter Collab dolls

The big news is is that the Winter Collab dolls are DONE (insert party poppers and streamers here!) and have been on display all week at Story in Hamilton.
The other news is that they are currently being auctioned on Trade Me, and will close on Sunday evening around 9pm.
I'm so proud of all the children who designed for me - the feedback they've received has been so wonderful. Such a fun Winter Collab season!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When creative inspiration doesn't work

It's funny how things often come full circle.
Last year I bought some fabric with the intention of making an infinity scarf, but when I got it home I had a change of heart. I had recently seen a picture of a striped maxi dress online and loved it so much that I decided to use the fabric to make a maxi dress instead. It turned out great and I wore it once or twice but to tell you the truth I always felt a bit too conspicuous when I wore it.
So, last week, I decided to turn it back into what it was originally meant for.
And I haven't taken it off since.
Sometimes last minute inspiration can sometimes be a game-changer, but other times you just need to accept that although something might be fabulous online and seem to tick all the right boxes, it might not be fabulous for you. 
Be inspired, but always stay true.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Most treasured possession

It's been awhile since I've done this kind of thing, but today I wrote a guest-post over at Grow Mama. Anissa has started a lovely series where she has invited bloggers to share their most treasured possessions and she was kind enough to ask me.
I really actually had to think about it!
But now I'm all curious...what would you consider to be your most treasured possession?